Орла Кейдж

The whispers and the booger

Have not seen the guards in a few days. Have not ate or drank anything in days.But that don’t bother me. What bothers me is the lil booger gobber across the hall. He’s been staring at me like he’s up to something. I hope he does try something have not killed anybody since the first day in the mess hall.I can hear her whispers in my head calling me. I know shes near somewhere in this prison. I will reclaim what they took from me. I will Have my… why is booger building what seems to be a fort out of his bed. Lets see what i can do about this cell. I WANT OUT

last words

OK so im heres, you know in the cell, and wells, you know. the guards havent been by in a bit. we havent seen anything ,but the guy over there on the other sides of the hallway. And let me tell you what! he is ugly, man. wooo i mean i had some ugly pigs back home but damn….wait wait im getting off subjectative. ok, so i think we’s are all gonna die so i would like to write down my last thought on this here prison wall and you know make my, uh, mark. or whatever. you know i had something to say but now i cant stop thinking about how ugly that guy is. i hope he dies before i do. but like facing the wall…id hate to have to see his ugly dead zombified face with all the flies and stuff, buzzing around. i just dont think i coulds handle it. you know?

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