Agony Chains

Orgoth Based Magic Nullification Manacles


For a spell caster, Agony Chains are terrifying and debilitating. They are designed to prevent the successful use of magic, and to punish the spell caster for even trying.
Any spellcaster wearing agony chains that attempts to cast a spell has the following modifiers and effects applied.

  • All target numbers for offensive spells are raised by double the focus cost of the spell.
  • Spells that do not normally require a casting roll (non offensive) must succeed in a casting roll of 10 + Focus Cost or the spell does not have the intended effect.
  • When casting any spell, the feedback from the chains causes terrible pain and wounds to the spellcaster. He/She receives an automatic damage roll of 2D6 + 4 + Focus Cost of spell.
  • Upkeep spells do not need to be re-rolled for success, but the character will receive a damage roll of 2D6+5 (as if it were a focus 1 spell) each round that the upkeep is maintained.

I know that this is extremely harsh, and could very well discourage people from playing spell casters. Keep in mind that one of the first “quests” your character will likely be pushing for is the removal of the chains. That can happen pretty quickly if you push for it.


Members of the Grey Lords council were responsible for re-introduction of Orgoth based magical abominations such as Doom Reavers into the world. The Agony Chains are another of their ‘innovations’. This set of manacles and collar are covered in carved screaming faces and menacingly glowing green runes. It is clear that these were not meant specifically for the purpose that they are used for now, but they council discovered that by binding these onto someone bearing the “gift”, that person has their abilities significantly curtailed. The devices siphon off the wearers magical energies as they are manifested, causing the spell to weaken considerably. The energy causes the runes to flash violently and then the energy feeds back into the wearer, causing agonizing pain. Depending on how much energy is used, the pain can be quite overwhelming. In general, magic wielding prisoners would be fitted with a set of chains on arrival. The chains have no locking mechanism as the first time the wearer attempts to use their gift, the energy fuses the chains in place, leaving the only methods of removal as cutting through them or removal of the appendages to which they are attached (usually fatal for the collar).

Agony Chains

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