Boris Sergeivich

Prison Inmate Boss - Former prison warden, rose to power among inmates because of the freedoms due to his former position


Sergeivich stands roughly five and half feet tall. He keeps his graying brown hair well oiled and groomed. Underneath his gray prison uniform he is covered with the tattoos of a vor v zokone.

It is known throughout the prison that he was once a warden here, but sacrificed himself for the other guards and his prison conspirators when it was discovered that he was organizing significant embezzlement of funds and using it to line the pockets of this criminal friends and provide comfort for a number of the other guards. When he was ordered imprisoned in the same prison (an unusually harsh punishment for the crime) he stepped into his new position and a prince of thieves, retaining much of his previous power, and gaining much new power as a criminal lord with much of the prison hierarchy under his power.

He is rarely seen without his constant companion Malthus Khan, his bodyguard and confessor. It is rumored that Khan was responsible for Sergeivich to the strange sect of the Menite faith that they now practice and enforce on their “brother theives,” the members of the Vor vZakone

Boris Sergeivich

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