Орла Кейдж

last words

OK so im heres, you know in the cell, and wells, you know. the guards havent been by in a bit. we havent seen anything ,but the guy over there on the other sides of the hallway. And let me tell you what! he is ugly, man. wooo i mean i had some ugly pigs back home but damn….wait wait im getting off subjectative. ok, so i think we’s are all gonna die so i would like to write down my last thought on this here prison wall and you know make my, uh, mark. or whatever. you know i had something to say but now i cant stop thinking about how ugly that guy is. i hope he dies before i do. but like facing the wall…id hate to have to see his ugly dead zombified face with all the flies and stuff, buzzing around. i just dont think i coulds handle it. you know?


chrmanMa0 AnthonyGroover

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